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Paul Mitchinson is a Canadian writer and historian. He earned undergraduate degrees in science and arts from the University of Alberta and Queen’s University at Kingston. In the 1990s he studied and taught history at Harvard University, earning a Ph.D. in Russian history in 1997. His dissertation, which was advised by Richard Pipes, examined the evolution of classical music in the early years of the Soviet regime.

His scholarly work has appeared in East European Quarterly, the Canadian Journal of History, and Left History. Since graduating, Paul has kept one foot in the academic world, occasionally publishing in academic journals, and participating in conferences at the University of Toronto, Bard College, and more popular venues such as New York’s Lincoln Center. But his main interest has been writing for more popular publications. He has written frequently for Canada’s National Post, and his work has also appeared in Lingua Franca, The Nation, the London Review of Books, Andante, and New York Newsday, among many other publications.

He lives with his wife and two children in Oakville, Ontario.