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Antonia Zerbisias notes that CBC workers are being asked to sign on to some bizarre clauses in their Return To Work Protocol:

10. Upon ratification, CMG [Canadian Media Guild] and CBC will remove, as much as is possible, negative references and material [related] to the work stoppage on all their websites.

11. Upon ratification, CMG will encourage CMG members to remove as much as is possible, negative references and material related to the work stoppage from web sites, podcasts, blogging etc. consistent with the CBC and CMG accepted journalistic standards.

Look, if anyone wanted proof of CBC management’s utter cluelessness, this is it. They clearly have no understanding of how the Internet works. Things that are posted in anger or haste live on, no matter how many times you press that delete button.

But folks, it ain’t 1984. It’s not “rewriting history,” or “erasing history.” There’s nothing in these clauses suggesting the need for this kind of response:

If the Guild or CBC wants something off my web site, I will gladly provide the contact information for my lawyer and would welcome the challenge in court.

Bring it.

Or this:

I think that means they are shutting us down. Some of us. They may allow blogs about pies and gnomes. But I think it’s going to be curtains for Drone. You know it is. They hate this site. They hate it more than any other.

Unless, of course, you’re the usual self-dramatizing CBC journalist.

CMG can “request” its members remove the material. CMG members can say “no.” End of story.

CBC management would probably like comments like this erased:

WE need to stamp out culture at the CBC and other Canadian public corporations. That is the culture of greed. The culture that caused the collapse of companies such Enron, Worldcom, and Nortel. What are they teaching in business school these days. Short term gains 101, Suck off the boss 102, fuck the workers 103,Steal without getting caught 104 and so on.

And no boss could tolerate a worker spouting off this crap in public — and with attribution. But there’s no getting that toothpaste back in the tube now.

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