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Spring Forward: The Annual Madness of Daylight Saving TimeI detest Daylight Saving Time, and will be glad to get rid of it for another few months. But lawmakers north and south of the border are determined to inflict it on me for a few more weeks every year. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that this will save fuel or make our children more active — despite what our lawmakers say. What it will do — and I speak from personal experience — is make us all less active in the mornings.

Consider the situation of the recreational runner. Most work outside the home. Others, like me, have young children. There is no other time to run except early in the morning before they are awake. Daylight Saving Time means that I have 2 choices:

1. Don’t exercise.
2. Run in the dark, risking life and limb.

In a nutshell, DST encourages evening behaviour at the expense of morning behavior. Morning workouts, farming chores, Jewish morning prayers, walking to work or school — all become more difficult under DST. What becomes easier is shopping and late evening backyard parties.


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