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Tim Naftali responds to Max Holland’s article on the 9/11 Commission Report, which I mentioned in my previous post.

It strikes me as a rather weak response, especially given the final paragraph’s ringing declaration of principle:

I would not present myself as the official historian of anything. I value my independence too much.

NaftaliWell somebody‘s been presenting Naftali as the 9/11 Commission’s “official historian.” In fact, one of his employers has — the Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies in Alexandria, Virginia, where Naftali is a professor (or an “instructor,” depending on where you look). I have a few screenshots where the phrase appears — and this comes from just the simplest Google search. Here’s two from the CI Centre:
Naftali course

The Counter-Terrorism Training and Resources for Law Enforcement web site reproduced that phrase verbatim in their description of the same event hosted by Naftali:

Naftali conference

One Response to “Timothy Naftali Responds …”

  1. The most interesting bit of information I take away from this ‘saga’ (is there anything more enjoyable then watching historians fight)is that Holland once worked for Zelikow and Naftali at The Miller Center. Now that is according to Naftali’s response to Holland, curiously it is listed below Holland’s response back to Naftali on the HNN site. And clearly all that flows forward follows from whatever happened at the Miller Center. That “painful falling out” is at the heart of the matter, let’s find out what happened there and perhaps we can write a bureaucratic history on the perils of burning bridges in higher academia. Naftali’s books on Krushchev and the Missile Crisis are brilliant, Holland’s LBJ was great and forthcoming on Warren Commission is eagerly awaited. I don’t have a pony in this show, but I have enjoyed it.

    Patrick Burke