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From July 26’s National Post:

Don Mills man killed wife out of mercy, police say

A Don Mills couple chose to end their lives last week to halt the mysterious chronic pain that Patricia Kirk, 60, had suffered for six years, police said yesterday. [ed: Um, how would the death of the husband help end the chronic pain of the wife?]

Investigators called the scenario, which led to Mrs. Kirk’s death by drowning and put her seriously wounded husband in custody, facing a charge of first-degree murder, a “tragic event” they would wish upon nobody.

Mrs. Kirk had for years been heavily medicated for an illness causing pain to her back that doctors struggled to diagnose, said Det. Sgt. Cashman, who speculated the pain had taken its toll on the couple.

“Here she is,” he said yesterday, “she’s suffering from an illness that’s undiagnosed, that she’s medicated for — and it’s been going on for six years.

“I guess, obviously, she feels — I can only imagine, I’m only speculating this — that she’d feel at her wit’s end.”

He added: “It is a sad case and it’s tough to comment on … but you can read between the lines.”

Who needs to read between the lines? It’s all there in black and white, isn’t it? A woman is drowned by her husband. She lived a life of agony, which was brought to a merciful end by having her head held underwater until she stopped kicking. Thank goodness we have the police to tell us not only what was in the mind of the killer, but of the victim as well.

Police aren’t generally accused of being soft on crime, but perhaps there are exceptions if the victim is aged and infirm.

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