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Colby Cosh is convinced that nothing has changed on CBC radio since its workers went out on strike Monday:

[A]ll that’s on at the moment [on CBC-1]–and presumably this is true nationwide–is a low-key broadcast of syrupy lite jazz, introduced brusquely by a Toronto CBC manager. Aside from the periodic apologies for any disappointment or inconvenience, it’s just about indistinguishable from the CBC’s regular programming.

Wait a minute. Syrupy lite jazz? I was sure the CBC was choc-a-bloc with feminist propaganda, neo-Marxist sermonizing, and anti-American screeds. How’d they manage to shoehorn in all that jazz too? Maybe it was Diana Krall doing double duty, crooning “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (When You Protest Globalization).”

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  1. CBC? What’s that? 🙂